Information Design

Much like building a house, before we start doing anything on your site, we must have a solid plan.  Our information design process ensures your website is optimized for your audience and helps to map out the technical requirements for efficient design and development of your custom project.

Website Design

PixelNineDesign offers many services, but web design remains our specialty. That being said, we also offer many web design services that can improve your existing site without using a wrecking ball. Let’s sit down together and chat about what your needs are.

We can “tweak”

Just need a site face lift or content updates?  Want to add a blog or Twitter and Facebook integration?

No problem. Contact PixelNineDesign today to discuss how even minor changes such as these can have a big impact on your web presence.

We can “redesign”

Does your site need to be expanded to make room for new products or services? As the web grows and changes, your website needs to grow and change with it or your site will become stale. PixelNineDesign can help with those changes while staying within your budget, and don’t forget all initial consultations are 100% free.  Who doesn’t have that in the budget?

We can “build”

Are you looking to promote your company on the web for the first time? Don’t do it alone. PixelNineDesign has been creating and managing websites for over ten years.  Let our experience and advice guide you through the process.  We pride ourselves in being able to explain ‘tech talk’ to people who don’t speak the language.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have at any point in the process.

Website Production

Whether it’s a full service site developed on our platform, or “slicing-and-dicing” a design that you bring to the table, you can expect a clean, web standard-compliant, and search-engine-friendly site from Pixelninedesign’s professional web ninjas.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration

It’s time to let your website manage its own technical hurdles so you can focus on the content. Every Pixelninedesign website is backed by a cutting-edge Content Management System that makes it unbelievably easy for you to publish and update your site from any web browser. If you are familiar with Word or Pages, you’ll feel right at home managing your new site.

Custom Development

Every website has different goals and there are times when a site needs one-of-a-kind features. Our development team can make it happen, AND keep it integrated with your Content Management System so you have control of everything from one place.

Identity & Branding

Company Logos & Branding Guidelines

We design outstanding logos and corporate identities. You could spend tens of thousands with a larger agency to start building your brand, or you can let our design team get you up and running faster, for much less.

Business Cards

Your business card is sometimes the only impression left with a potential client.  If your business card design looks like the rest of the cards in the pile, it’s time to make a change. We’ve partnered with some great print houses so we can design and print outstanding business cards at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere, and our custom design work will take your business card from drab to fab!

Supportive Marketing

HTML Email Campaigns

Want to contact your previous customers to let them know about a special offer just for them?  Have a database of contacts that you want to target to promote your business?  From one-time campaigns to a system that lets you to create unlimited campaigns on-the-fly, our HTML E-mail Campaign service handles the design, production, subscription, and tracking processes so you don’t have to.  Yep.  It’s that simple.

Print & Web Advertising

Consistent branding across banner and magazine ads are an important part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Pixelninedesign knows the ropes and can work with your vendors to deliver the right ad through the right venue to maximize your business marketing dollars.

Hosting Services

Website & E-mail Hosting

We’ve partnered with MediaTemple & Slicehost – the best in the hosting biz – to provide superior service, performance, and security for our clients’ websites. We’ve integrated these partners into our development framework to make site launches, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance easy and virtually trouble-free.

Quick-Restore Disaster Recovery

No matter how well you build a web site, a disaster recovery plan is a necessary evil. Fortunately, a tight integration with our hosting partners and an automated nightly backup of your site files and databases allow us to guarantee nearly instantaneous recovery of your site . . . should a rare catastrophe occur.

Be sure and ask about our maintenance plans, which can virtually eliminate the need for you to be involved in the upkeep of your site.  Just like when you buy a car, there are things that will need to be done as upkeep to your site. We’d love to talk about how involved you will need to be both with, and without, a maintenance plan.  As always, the choice of how you’d prefer to manage your site is up to you.